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Applications of Diamond Technology in Power Electronics

Diamond is the leading Wideband Gap (WBG) material. At Diamond Quanta, the future of power electronics is being redefined through the unparalleled potential of diamond technology. Our commitment to advancing quantum technology is grounded in the integration of advanced tech and materials design, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Revolutionizing Power Electronics

Diamond Quanta is at the forefront of a new wave of electronic and semiconductor innovation, harnessing the exceptional properties of diamond's WBG (Wideband Gap) applications to transform power electronics. Our solutions minimize energy loss during power conversion, offering devices that are not only more compact and lighter but also significantly more efficient. The result? Power electronics that can withstand higher temperatures, operate at increased voltages, and deliver superior performance across a broader range of frequencies, all within a reduced footprint. Embrace the future with us and leverage diamond technology for unmatched efficiency and resilience in your power electronics applications.

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Empowering the Automotive Industry

In the era of Hybrid/Electric Vehicles (H/EVs), Diamond Quanta is revolutionizing automotive power electronics. Integrating diamond technology into hybrid and electric vehicles (H/EV) could prevent 2.2 million tons of CO2 emissions by 2025. The potential energy savings are substantial, ranging from 50 PJ to 180 PJ of primary energy (1.9 – 6.4 TWh and 190 – 930 million gallons of gasoline), if all H/EVs on the road incorporated diamond-based devices. (*Source: "Wideband gap Semiconductor Opportunities in Power Electronics" Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2017)).


Diamond-based electronics, capable of handling higher power densities and operating at elevated temperatures, enable more compact and efficient power electronics, directly translating to weight savings critical for EV range and efficiency. As the number of hybrid/electric vehicles increases, diamond-based devices can reduce power losses, enhance fuel economy, and offer greater flexibility in vehicle design by allowing for smaller power conversion circuitry.

  • Simplified cooling requirements: The ability to operate efficiently at higher temperatures drastically reduces, or even eliminates, the need for complex cooling systems required by silicon-based electronics. This reduction in cooling requirements decreases the vehicle's weight and complexity, leading to enhanced overall efficiency.
  • Increased range and improved efficiency: The weight reduction from smaller electronics and simplified cooling systems, combined with the superior efficiency of diamond-based components, significantly increases vehicle range. Additionally, diamond semiconductors experience lower electrical losses compared to silicon and silicon carbide, ensuring more of the battery's energy is used for propulsion rather than being lost as heat.
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Applications in AI/Data Centers

As the digital revolution accelerates, artificial intelligence (AI) and large language models (LLMs) are driving significant growth in data centers, rapidly expanding their computational needs. Diamond Quanta leads this evolution by providing diamond-based power electronic solutions that are set to transform data center infrastructure. Our technology tackles two critical challenges in AI and data center operations: energy consumption and heat management. Leveraging diamond's superior thermal conductivity and electrical performance in power supply units (PSUs) and cooling systems, we establish new benchmarks for operational efficiency and sustainability. Diamond-based power electronics can reduce data center energy use by up to 18% annually.

Saving Millions and Lowering CO2 emissions

The rise of AI and LLMs demands data centers to handle vast data and intense processing, straining silicon-based electronics. Diamond Quanta's advanced semiconductor solutions provide the resilience needed for these tasks, significantly reducing energy and cooling requirements. This efficiency can save millions of homes' worth of energy annually, cut coal dependence, and lower CO2 emissions. Our technology empowers the AI/LLM ecosystem with high-performance, environmentally responsible semiconductors, ushering in a new 'Diamond Age' of innovation. (**Source: "Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Opportunities in Power Electronics" Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2017)).

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Compacting Data Center/ AI Electronics

Diamond Quanta is pioneering the development of compact, high-density electronics for AI and data centers, utilizing diamond's superior properties to surpass silicon's limitations. Our diamond-based chip designs significantly reduce physical footprint while ensuring peak performance, vital for managing increasingly complex AI and data center tasks. Key advantages include:

  • Enhanced thermal management: Exceptional heat dissipation allows for denser component packing without overheating risks.
  • Greater power density: Diamond's ability to handle higher power thresholds enables more computation in a smaller package.
  • Extended longevity: Diamond's durability results in longer-lasting electronics, minimizing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance.
  • Optimized performance: Diamond's superior electrical properties lead to faster, more efficient processing for AI computations and data handling.

Diamond Quanta’s innovations enable AI and data centers to adopt compact chip architectures that are both space-efficient and environmentally and economically beneficial, redefining the relationship between size and capability.

Enhanced Cooling Efficiency

Diamond Quanta’s diamond-based power electronics significantly improve cooling efficiency, reducing data center energy consumption. By enhancing UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) efficiency, our solutions strengthen data center infrastructure, leading to more robust and resilient operations. As AI and LLMs drive increasing data processing demands, the need for efficient, high-capacity data centers grows. Diamond Quanta addresses this by decreasing electricity use for cooling, thanks to our technology’s higher efficiency and reduced heat generation. This not only results in direct energy savings but also reduces overall IT device demand due to less heat-related degradation and improved server efficiency through stable, reliable power delivery.

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Future-Proofing Data Centers

Adopting Diamond Quanta’s advanced diamond power electronics in data centers by 2025 could achieve an annual energy use reduction of up to 18%, surpassing the savings offered by generic WBG semiconductors. This efficiency gain is just the beginning, given diamond's exceptional thermal and electrical performance. Additional strategies, like reducing 'zombie' servers, switching to direct current (DC) power, or further refining cooling systems, will enhance the intrinsic benefits of diamond-based electronics. As diamond technology outperforms SiC and GaN in efficiency and thermal management, the potential energy savings, reduced carbon footprint, and cost reductions for data centers set a new benchmark for eco-friendly technology infrastructure, ensuring sustainable growth to meet future computational demands.

Transformative Benefits in Aerospace

The integration of diamond-based power electronics in the commercial and defense aerospace sectors promises significant advancements, emphasizing efficiency, weight reduction, and thermal management. Diamond-based Photonics extends beyond power conversion, offering superior performance for advanced sensing and quantum photonic applications, enhancing communication security and sensing capabilities over longer distances. In aerospace contexts, diamond electronics address key challenges:

  • Weight reduction and efficiency improvement: Diamond-based power electronics are compact and lighter than silicon counterparts, crucial in aerospace, where weight reduction directly impacts fuel efficiency and payload capacity.
  • Higher efficiency: Diamond's superior electrical properties, including high thermal conductivity and temperature tolerance, enhance power conversion efficiency, reducing energy loss and improving overall system performance along with decreasing power requirements for onboard and propulsion systems.
  • Simplified cooling systems: Diamond's efficient heat dissipation and high-temperature operation simplify or reduce the need for cooling systems in aerospace applications, leading to weight savings, simplified aircraft design, and potentially increased reliability.
  • Improved component longevity: Diamond electronics' robustness at high temperatures extends the lifespan of critical systems, enhancing safety, reliability, and reducing maintenance and replacement costs in aerospace operations.
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Enhancing Aerospace Efficiency With Diamond Technology

Diamond semiconductor-based power devices offer substantial advantages for power converters in spacecraft, meeting requirements for small mass, volume, and high/low-temperature operation. Their high-temperature tolerance and lower losses provide mass and volume benefits, while their radiation-hard nature reduces the need for radiation shielding, further optimizing mass.

  • More compact systems: Diamond-based electronics' compact design enables efficient space utilization within aircraft, fostering innovative designs that prioritize performance, passenger comfort, or increased payload capacity.
  • Increased range and payload: Lighter electronics and simplified cooling systems, combined with the efficiency gains of diamond-based power electronics, have the potential to significantly enhance aircraft range and payload capacity, crucial metrics for both commercial and defense aerospace sectors.

Setting New Standards

As the digital world grows, so does the demand for efficient, sustainable power solutions. Diamond Quanta leads this charge by offering diamond-based power electronics that set new benchmarks in operational efficiency and sustainability for data centers and AI applications. Our technology significantly reduces energy consumption and cooling requirements, paving the way for a future where high performance meets environmental responsibility. Discover how we're enabling a 'Diamond Age' of electronic innovation, facilitating a sustainable growth trajectory for the AI and data processing sectors.

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Revolutionizing Sensing and Computing

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Qubit Connectivity and Scalability

Diamond quantum photonics enables efficient generation, manipulation, and interaction of photonic qubits within an integrated platform. Precise manipulation of quantum states is achieved by inducing and controlling strain in diamond lattices, ensuring high fidelity and scalability for quantum computing operations.

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Advanced Information Processing

Utilizing photons as qubits in a diamond-based platform offers advantages like operation at room temperature and high-speed quantum information processing. Leveraging diamond's properties, such as its wideband gap and strong optical characteristics, further enhances these capabilities, promising unparalleled performance in quantum computing.

Integrating Quantum into the Ecosystem

The compatibility of diamond quantum photonic platforms with existing photonic and semiconductor technologies accelerates the development of practical quantum computing applications, spanning from more efficient chemical simulations to faster and more secure communication systems.

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